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September 2018

Stablecoin — “bad” idea, “good” investment

Stablecoin has undoubtedly become the hype of 2018 with its 700%+ annual growth. A lot of discussions arise around this hot topic, and most people[......]Re…

Fan September 30, 2018

Which cryptos outperform?

Background After searching for a while, I have only found one research on the performance of different categories of cryptos. How do different ca[......]Re…

Fan September 28, 2018

Strategy Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Tech Companies

Most people would agree that the autonomous driving technology is still in its early stage. After examining a bunch of autonomous vehicles (AV) technology compa…

Fan September 25, 2018

Autonomous Truck 201

During this summer, I worked with TuSimple, one of the leading autonomous truck solution developer, as a business intern, and this is a translation of an articl…

Fan September 25, 2018