Strategy Intern

DiDi Chuxing (The world’s largest transportation network company | Beijing, China)
2017.06 – 2017.08
Identified the ethics risks of the car-hailing business and prepared the first Corporate Social Responsibility report for the management;
Assisted the management to develop the first strategic planning for smart transportation;
Collaborated with a leading consulting firm for a research on bus agency privatization in ten cities worldwide and identified the business opportunities in public transportation.

Architectural Assistant (Post Graduate)

Aedas Ltd (The world’s 3rd largest architecture design firm | Hong Kong)
2015.09 – 2017.05
Managed the design of a $1 million mixed-use project with an area of 367,000 sqm in Hefei, China;
Proposed a sustainable alternative urban renewal design to a top developer in Guiyang, China for protecting the city river and persuaded management to accept it;
Developed urban analysis software for the team.

Combat Engineer

63712 Unit of People’s Liberation Army (The armed forces of the P.R.C | Shanxi, China)
2007.12 – 2009.11

Was the first soldier with a college education in the unit, developing and implementing the training management plan for three 450-soldier Combat Engineer Battalions;
Awarded a merit citation for performance and leadership. 7 out of 1,000 people are given this award each year in the unit, and no junior soldier had ever received it before;
Led a team of 20 to do the survey of terrain and trained 100+ soldiers to use advanced devices, enabling the unit to survey independently and saving the unit $100k+ each year.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Yale University (New Haven, United States)
2017.08 – 2019.06
Ranked top 1% world-wide in GMAT test with 770 score;
Recipient of Shi Mei Lun (Laura Cha) Scholarship.

Master of Architecture (with distinction)

The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
2013.09 – 2015.06

Exhibited a selection of works at the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture;
Recipient of Szeto Wai Architecture Scholarship (top 1%) and Jardine Henry Lo Scholarship (top 1%);
Graduation with Distinction (top 5%).

Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture

Tongji University (Shanghai, China)
2006.09 – 2007.12 & 2009.12 – 2013.06

Awarded National Encouragement Scholarship (top 1%) and Baosteel Scholarship (top 3%) for academic excellence;
First prize winner of the 2013 Vertical Cities Asia competition (competed with 20 teams from 10 top universities worldwide);
Graduated with the Honor of Shanghai (top 3%).

High School

No.1 Middle School of Xiangxiang (Hunan, China)
2003.06 – 2006.09

Graduated with 638+20 marks (Total Marks:750) in the 2006 NCEE, ranking 300th among the 500,000 participants in Hunan Province.



2017 Shi Mei Lun (Laura Cha) Scholarship
2015 Szeto Wai Architecture Scholarship
2013 2014 Jardine/Henry Lo Scholarship
2011 Bao Gang Education Scholarship
2010 National Encouragement Scholarship
2010 2011 2015 Second-class Scholarship of 2011-2012 Academic Year


2013 Outstanding Graduates Awards of Shanghai
2013 Winner of the Vertical Cities Asia design competition
2009 Third-class Merits in The Chinese People’s Liberation Army
2009 Founded PLAN 7 – a non-profit foundation to help illiterate soldiers learn to read. 4,000+ books have been donated, and 3,000+ soldiers have benefited since 2009
2009 Won first prize in a 3kilometer running race in the Army (competed with 300+ soldiers from 15+ units)


Adobe Suites
Web programming (php)
Front-end design(jQuery/javascript/css)