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Pitchbook Company/Deal Analyzer

Step 1: Save the results (by right-click) as "html" files to your computer. Please save in "Webpage, Complete" mode.  Step 2: Upload…

Fan December 5, 2018

Where does the money go for blockchain investments?

tl;dr Summary It has been a question for me for a while: where are the VCs investing into in the blockchain space? After this quantitative examination o…

Fan October 30, 2018

Stablecoin — “bad” idea, “good” investment

Stablecoin has undoubtedly become the hype of 2018 with its 700%+ annual growth. A lot of discussions arise around this hot topic, and most people believe s…

Fan September 30, 2018

Which cryptos outperform?

Background After searching for a while, I have only found one research on the performance of different categories of cryptos. How do different categories o…

Fan September 28, 2018

Strategy Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Tech Companies

Most people would agree that the autonomous driving technology is still in its early stage. After examining a bunch of autonomous vehicles (AV) technology compa…

Fan September 25, 2018

Autonomous Truck 201

During this summer, I worked with TuSimple, one of the leading autonomous truck solution developer, as a business intern, and this is a translation of an articl…

Fan September 25, 2018

The invisible life

I enjoy talking to different DiDi drivers, no matter I am working for DiDi or not, as I would like to learn about how this tool has changed people's lives. Faci…

Fan August 11, 2017


无论是不是作为Didi的一员,我都挺喜欢和Didi司机们聊天,因为我很好奇这个新生的事物到底在如何改变人们的生活。因为是陌生人,司机们反而愿意很真诚地聊他们的人生。透过和他们的聊天,我听到了司机们对中学生乘客“不懂事”的抱怨,也听到了有人感慨科技改变了他的生活。但和我昨晚听到的故事相比,这些都只能算是“不痛不痒”。 …

Fan August 2, 2017

AnyConnect VPN

因为某些众所周知的原因,GreenVPN已经光荣地牺牲了。然而,Google还得上,Youtube还得看,Ins还得发,Twitter治国还得继续。目前其他几种Break Wall方式,都各有各的问题,Shadowsocks也偶尔抽风。最后,只剩下了AnyConnect这个选项。由于大部分国内/跨国企业都在使用…

Fan June 27, 2017

When I walk out of OIE

致我亲爱的Aedas Family:这一刻,我已经收拾好背包,结束了人生的第一份工作,准备离开人生的第一帮同事、第一家公司。背起背包的那一刻,就仿佛我只是照常下班,明天还会再在九点准时出现在座位上,一如既往地跟各位Say hi,一如既往地填Timesheet,一如这两年的每一天。可是,这一次离开却完全没…

Fan June 5, 2017

I still believe

Finally, it comes to the end.Last February, I made a call to a Tongji alumnus who also worked in Hong Kong to ask advice on career development. In that call…

Fan April 12, 2017

How to set a reverse proxy for Gmail SMTP/IMAP

After searching on the Internet for 20+ hours, I found almost nothing about how to set up a reverse proxy for Gmail SMTP/IMAP servers. Why I need this reverse p…

Fan March 19, 2017

Use Gmail in China without VPN

Method 1 / Use the Mail tool in WeCloudIt is very easy to set the account. For most users, just fill in your Gmail account and password, and then you can a…

Fan March 18, 2017

How to mount Google Drive to your WeCloud (NextCloud / OwnCloud)

Step 1 Register your WeCloud account hereStep 2 Add an external storage in your WeCloudAfter login to WeCloud, open the Personal page and add a line in …

Fan March 18, 2017

Why we need a change for the society

Recently, I read a news about a guy who was called the most beautiful village official in China. As the first Ivy League village official in China, Yuefei Qin, …

Fan February 10, 2017

the Chinese Mayor

The Chinese Mayor (DATONG) is a 2014 documentary (directed by Zhou Hao) that follows Datong mayor Geng Yanbo's efforts to transform one of the China's most poll…

Fan January 22, 2017

Capture http requests of the webbrowser in winform (C#)

In the development of a simple (um, it's really not that simple actually) program for downloading and merging customized google map, I need to get the URL of th…

Fan June 24, 2016


1. 私有制的缺失 作为热场,我首先引用一篇知乎上的讨论:为什么东北会衰退?还可能复兴吗?。在这个问题的讨论之中,大家都不是抱着地域歧视的目的来参加和批判,答题的很多答主也都是东北人或者有长期东北生活经历的人,所以都应当具有一定的客观依据。而作为问题的回应,官方媒体(黑龙江日报社)则给出了一篇…

Fan September 28, 2015



Fan February 18, 2015


先回顾一段“佛教建筑”的历史:佛教建筑在中国古代建筑中占有很高的地位,现存的很多古代建筑,很大一部分是佛教建筑,而佛教建筑的最初起源则是塔,因为“塔”即代表了佛。 一、关于佛塔、佛像 佛教最初形成于印度,而后并非直接由印度传入中国,而是经由中亚地区再传入中国新疆,继而传入中国内地。在大希腊化时期(亚历山…

Fan August 11, 2014


一、死亡 甲午仲夏的某个下午,父亲电话中告诉我奶奶去世的消息。纵然有些难以相信身体一直十分健康的奶奶为何会如此突然地撒手离去,但也仍然能够理解对于一位八十岁的老人而言,任何微小的闪失都会导致死亡,因此这是必然要发生的事情,也没什么可以大悲大恸了。在我的价值观里,我推崇理性主义,我讨厌那些哭哭啼…

Fan June 29, 2014



Fan December 31, 2009



Fan December 31, 2009


这几天政审有结果了,些许的意料之中,没什么问题。自己也去医院提前进行了次复检项目的检查,也都正常。应该不会有太大问题了吧? 既然没有什么问题了,那么就是我该离开的时候了。怎么说呢?又要准备行李了。记得一年前,我也在准备行李,准备开始一段新生活,这一年,过的有些混沌,经历了很多,明了了很多,不再纠结很多。我说,…

Fan November 28, 2007