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Pitchbook Company/Deal Analyzer

Step 1: Save the results (by right-click) as "html" files to your computer. Please save in "Webpage, Complete" mode.  Step[......]Re…

Fan December 5, 2018

Where does the money go for blockchain investments?

tl;dr Summary It has been a question for me for a while: where are the VCs investing into in the blockchain space? After this quantitative exa[......]Re…

Fan October 30, 2018

Stablecoin — “bad” idea, “good” investment

Stablecoin has undoubtedly become the hype of 2018 with its 700%+ annual growth. A lot of discussions arise around this hot topic, and most people[......]Re…

Fan September 30, 2018

Which cryptos outperform?

Background After searching for a while, I have only found one research on the performance of different categories of cryptos. How do different ca[......]Re…

Fan September 28, 2018

Strategy Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) Tech Companies

Most people would agree that the autonomous driving technology is still in its early stage. After examining a bunch of autonomous vehicles (AV) technology compa…

Fan September 25, 2018

Autonomous Truck 201

During this summer, I worked with TuSimple, one of the leading autonomous truck solution developer, as a business intern, and this is a translation of an articl…

Fan September 25, 2018

AnyConnect VPN

因为某些众所周知的原因,GreenVPN已经光荣地牺牲了。然而,Google还得上,Youtube还得看,Ins还得发,Twitter治国还得继续。目前其他几种Break Wall方式,都各有各的问题,Shadowsocks也偶尔抽风。最后,只剩下了AnyConnect这个选项。由于大部分国内/跨国企业都在使用…

Fan June 27, 2017

How to set a reverse proxy for Gmail SMTP/IMAP

After searching on the Internet for 20+ hours, I found almost nothing about how to set up a reverse proxy for Gmail SMTP/IMAP servers. Why I need this[......]Re…

Fan March 19, 2017

Use Gmail in China without VPN

Method 1 / Use the Mail tool in WeCloud [Login / Register]It is very easy to set the account. For most users, just fill in your Gmail account and password, …

Fan March 18, 2017

How to mount Google Drive to your WeCloud (NextCloud / OwnCloud)

Step 1 Register your WeCloud account hereStep 2 Add an external storage in your WeCloudAfter login to WeCloud, open the Personal page and add[......]Rea…

Fan March 18, 2017

Capture http requests of the webbrowser in winform (C#)

In the development of a simple (um, it's really not that simple actually) program for downloading and merging customized google map, I need to get the[......]Re…

Fan June 24, 2016