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Amazon Ed is a platform that our team designed for Amazon to have more presence in the education industry and generate more synergy among Amazon's existing products. Amazon Ed is not a real product but an "idea" that we worked out in two days in the 2017 Amazon Yale SOM Case Competition.

Through the competition, we learned really a lot, from how to work efficiently in a newly-built team to how to "think big". By learning about all the products of Amazon, we not only secured our success in the competition but also gained a deep understanding of the company's leadership principles, which inspired us a lot.

The competition leaves me some questions: how can we justify the value of a product in the short-term and long-term? Why does solving customers' pain points come before revenue generation? How can people communicate "big" ideas in two-pagers and six-pagers?

It is just a good start, and undoubtedly we will keep going.

Product name: Amazon Ed

Award: 2nd place of the competition

Team: Andy Li, David Jiang, Fan Wen, Yu Sian Tan

Date: September 29th, 2017

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Amazon Ed

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