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The Transit Metropolis Program is China's first national program dedicated to the promotion of urban public transport in China. Initiated in 2011 and overseen by the Ministry of Transport, the program acts as an important policy instrument to advance national goals, including urban economic productivity and curbing greenhouse gas emissions, down to local levels.This program selected 37 pilot cities to develop public transport as their urban development priorities, through a spectrum of planning, construction, land use, right of way, finance and tax policies.However, many of those pilot cities faced different challenges during implementation: the uncooperativeness of involved parties, the lack of investment, and the dynamic changes of public's needs.Where are the opportunities in the public transit market? How to form a better collaboration among all parties to address the emerging challenges? What technologies can help solve the complicated urban transportation problems?The aforementioned topics will be discussed in this short article and several solutions will be examined. The article is in Chinese only.
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