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The invisible life

I enjoy talking to different DiDi drivers, no matter I am working for DiDi or not, as I would like to learn about how this tool has changed people's lives. Faci…

Fan August 11, 2017


无论是不是作为Didi的一员,我都挺喜欢和Didi司机们聊天,因为我很好奇这个新生的事物到底在如何改变人们的生活。因为是陌生人,司机们反而愿意很真诚地聊他们的人生。透过和他们的聊天,我听到了司机们对中学生乘客“不懂事”的抱怨,也听到了有人感慨科技改变了他的生活。但和我昨晚听到的故事相比,这些都只能算是“不痛不痒”。 …

Fan August 2, 2017

the Chinese Mayor

The Chinese Mayor (DATONG) is a 2014 documentary (directed by Zhou Hao) that follows Datong mayor Geng Yanbo's efforts to transform one of the China's[......]Re…

Fan January 22, 2017