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the Chinese Mayor

Fan - January 22, 2017 - 0 comments

The Chinese Mayor (DATONG) is a 2014 documentary (directed by Zhou Hao) that follows Datong mayor Geng Yanbo’s efforts to transform one of the China’s most polluted cities into a cultural destination, in large part by displacing 500,000 residents to reconstruct the walls of the Old City.

DATONG follows the life and work of a controversial Chinese Communist Mayor GENG YANBO to tell the story about how he takes a radical reform to demolish 140,000 households and relocate half a million people to give way to restoration of Ancient relic walls in order to adopt a clean economic growth from tourism and culture, which he believes will do good to DA TONG citizen in the long term. With two years in the footsteps of GENG, along with the changing ideology and confrontations from the public, the film is trying to draw a looming shape of future of China.

All rights are reserved for the producer/distributor of this film. The film is accessible on Youtube, however, the film is banned in mainland China due to the sensitivity of its content. Therefore, I showed it here to help my peers in mainland China understand the country better. Please contact me if you are the right holder and want me to remove the film.

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