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Hi, my name is Fan Wen, and I am running for the Technology and Operations Chair. I am not good at making cookies, so I want to play a game with you. Hope you win the game and vote for me!

Here is the game: guess how many votes I will get, and the three people who have the closest numbers will each receive a Yale Moleskine notebook! Just leave your number and Yale email below! (Facts: around 400 students are eligible for voting, 3 winners, 5 candidates for Tech and Ops, and people can change their numbers before the election based on the real-time data. How will you strategize?)

Position | Technology and Operations Chair

Statement |

My name is Fan Wen, and I am running to be your next 1-year Chair of Tech and Operations at SOM Student Government!

As a “coder”, I developed Nolimaker for my colleagues to grab urban data, I designed Spacehunter to help people share underused spaces, and I also made WeCloud for my friends to share files conveniently. There should be something that I can do for you!

As a former architect, I have the knowledge, passion, and resources to make Evans Hall your warm home. I know the building well: 4 million pounds of steel, 16.2 million pounds of concrete, 2.25 million pounds of glass for the exterior façade, and 500 doors. I love it as an architecture with the philosophy of hard work and collaboration. I am confident in my ability to help you live better in your “second home”.

If elected, I will provide you with a better experience at Evans Hall by leveraging my experience in architecture and technology. I want to ensure you access different facilities easily, locate the classrooms easily, and feel more comfortable with the artworks and smart designs around you. From sunrise to sunset, I will help you have a unique memory of your moments at SOM.

Vote for Fan!